Sunday, 7 August 2011

apakah ORANG makan UBUR UBUR ??

cutlery swallow lead She swallowed WHAT?? (3 Photos)
You’re never gonna believe what this jackass did…

Margaret Daalman came to hospital complaining of stomach ache – and one glance at her X-ray shows why.
The 52 year-old Dutch r-tard swallowed an entire canteen of cutlery; 78 forks and spoons one by one. She told the doctors, “I don’t know why but I felt an urge to eat the silverware – I could not help myself.” You can read the entire story here.
cutlery swallow 3 She swallowed WHAT?? (3 Photos)
cutlery swallow first She swallowed WHAT?? (3 Photos)

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